Elements(Technologies) used in Ajax:

Before Starting Ajax you should have the knowledge about the following things –

2-JAVASCRIPT and xml


and little bit of the xml concepts.
Before we explain anything about ajax, you should know how Ajax work, the main magic behind Ajax is “javascript” and “XMLHTTPRequest Object” .
So first we tell you something about XMLHTTP Request Object .
XMLHTTP Request Object, is used for sending data or your query and retrieving their output from the server with Ajax technology is called XMLHttpRequest object.
XMLHttpRequest object communicates directly with the server to update a web page with data or query after the page has loaded!
With the XMLHttpRequest object, a web page can make a request, and get a response from the server – without reloading the page. The user will stay on the same page, and he or she will not notice that scripts request pages.
As we know, the theory of Ajax is much tedious to understand and it is better for you to understand the process along with the theory, so that it can clear your vision to understand.
For creating your first Ajax based application, you should have the following things:
1: A front-end page (HTML page)

2: Php script

3: Xml Script

HTML page:
To begin with your first example, you have to prepare your first page it could be simply a scripting language like HTML, page containing the html tags, which is to be displayed.
Html is used to display the data.
PHP script:
However your backend page have dynamic scripting language, which here we use as php language, which is used for querying a database. Basically it could be the anything which requires server access which accept clients data, these languages are Php and Asp.
An another script is used in the front end script called “XML” script.
Xml Basic:
What is xml?
It is necessary for you to know about the xml. What is it? And how it works?
• Basically Xml is shorts for Extensible Markup Language.

• It is a Meta language which is used to define other languages.

• It is used for storing and transporting the data.

• It does not similar to HTML because html was designed to display the data and XML is used to describe the data.

• XML is used to aid the exchange of data.

• The data is defined in the language in the structured way.

• Tags used in the xml are not predefined, as in html.

XML, which represents the data passed between the server and client.
So the points explained above are helpful for you to understanding xml.
It is not only the client-side scripting language that can be used for implementing an Ajax application. Other languages such as VBScript are also capable of the required functionality.
JavaScript that allows for interaction with the browser and responding to events.
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