The Back-End & Front End Page In Ajax

However, your ‘back-end’ page needs to be written in a dynamic scripting language which is able to query a database. accept query string data – anything which requires access to a server or needs to fetch client-side data; examples of these kind of language is php.
The back-end page are the page having the logic and ideas for running the concept of the front end page. If you want to run your Ajax internally,you have to prepare a back-end page in a dynamic language.
This page can be created in any dynamic language, as well as it uses another language to communicate with the database for query.
The Front-End Page:
User interaction, GUI page, Display page and all the names are meant for the front page the HTML page, this page is built for display a page with the input fields, through which a user can filled the data and gets the required output.
To begin with, your ‘front-end’ page can be in any scripting language – it can even be just a basic HTML file.
In technical terms the page with .php(we consider for the php language) for displaying the input field to the user and return the result, is called the front end page, the page are basically having the html codes and the scripting language like JavaScript etc.