Web Folders Web Folders

Every web Application starts with a single location in a form of root folder.

1. App_Browser
This folder contains .browser files that ASP.NET uses to identify the browsers that are using applications and determine their capabilities.

2. App_Code
This folder contains source code file that are automatically compiled to use in the application.

3. App_GlobalResources
This folder stores global resources that are accessible to every page in the web application.

4. App_LocalResources
This folder stores resources that are accessible to a specific page only.

5. App_WebReferences
This folder stores references to web services, which are remote code routines that a web application can call over a network or the internet.

6. App_Data
This folder stores data as well as SQL server Express database files.

7. App_Themes
This folder stores the themes that are used to standardize and reuse formatting in the web application.

8. Bin
This folder contains all the complied .NET components that the ASP.NET web application uses.

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