File Types File Types

Here you will learn different types of ASP.NET File that are present in ASP.NET Applications.

1. .aspx File
This file consist of ASP.NET web pages which contain the user interface and the underlying application code. Users can request directly to these pages to start the web Application.

2. .ascx File
This file consist of ASP.NET user controls. Users control are similar to web pages but users cannot access them directly.These files must be hosted inside an ASP.NET web page.Users Controls allow to develop a small piece of user interface and reuse it in as many web forms as you want without repetng the code.

3. web.config
This is the configuration file for ASP.NET includes settings for customizing security, state management, memory management, and many more.

4. global.asax
This is a global application file which is used to define global variables i.e. variables that can be accessed from any web page in the web application and react to global events i.e such as first when a web applications starts.

5. .cs file
This is the code behind file that contains C# code. These files allows to separate the application logic from the user interface of a web page.

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