Brief of Visual Studio 2012

A visual studio is a tool that is used by the developers to develop window applications in a very easy and fast way.

These are number of tools that are present in Visual studio interface.

The Main Menu
The Menu bar contsist of File, Edit, and Help menus items as well as menus that are specific to Visual studio, such as the Website and Debug menus. The menus are changed automatically depending on the task a user is working on.

The Toolbar Area
The Toolbar gives most common functions which can be quickly access. Some toolbars are appear automatically when a user work on a task that requires a particular Toolbar’s presence, and a user can also enable and disable toolbars. To enable or disable a toolbar, right-click an existing toolbar or the menu bar and choose the toolbar from the menu that appears.

The Toolbox
The Toolbox consist of many controls which are used in making website forms for that you simply need to Drag the tool which you want to use and drop at the desired location. If toolbox is not visible in visual studio click Ctrl+Alt+X keys.

The Solution Explorer
The Solution Explorer is an important window because it gives an overview of the files that comprise the website.The Solution Explorer allows to store files in separate folders, creating a logical and organized site structure. A user can also use the Solution Explorer to add new files to the site, move existing files around using drag and drop or cut and paste, rename files and delete them. A user can also access the Solution Explorer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+L if it is not visible.

The Properties Grid
The Properties Grid helps a user to view and edit the properties of many tools in Visual Studio, including files in the Solution Explorer, controls on a web page, properties of the page itself, and many more. The window will constantly update itself with the selected item. A user can also open the Properties Grid by pressing F4.

The Document Window
The Document Window is the main area in the middle of the application.Document window is the place where a user can perform different actions.. A user can use the Document Window to work with many different document formats, including ASPX and HTML files, CSS and JavaScript files, code files for VB and C#, XML and text files, and even images. A user can even use the same window to manage databases, create copies of your site, view the pages in your site in the built-in mini-browser, and many more. The Document Window can also host multiple documents at a time. At the bottom of the Document Window, you will see three buttons called Design, Split, and Source. These buttons appear automatically when a user is working with a file that contains markup, such as ASPX and HTML pages. A user can switch among Markup, Split, and Design View by clicking one of these buttons. The Markup View is also called the Source View or Code View.

The Start Page
When a user start Visual Studio, the Start Page is loaded in the Document Window. With the help of Start Page a user can quickly create new and open existing websites and other projects.

Benefits of Visual Studio

1. Integrated error checking
Visual studio can detect a wide range of problems such as data type conversion errors, missing namespaces or classes and undefined variables.

2. The Web Form Designer
To create a web page in visual studio,a user can simply drag the ASP.NET controls to the desired location and configure their properties.

3. Developer productivity enhancement
Visual Studio makes coding quick and efficient with a+ collapsible code display,automatic statement completion and color-coded syntax.

4. Fine Grained Debugging
Visual Studio’s integrated debugger helps a user to watch code execution, pause the program at any time, and inspect the contents of any variable.

5. Complete Extensibility
It helps the user to create Macros, change project templates and even add own custom add-ins to visual studio.

6. IntelliSense
Visual Studio provides statement completion for recognized objects and automatically lists information such as function parameters in helpful tooltips.

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