Create your first ASP.NET 4.5 Website

Create your first ASP.NET 4.5 Website

1. Start Visual Studio from the Windows Start menu.

2. Once Visual Studio is open, you will see the main screen.
Fig 10.

3. Click the File Menu and choose New Web Site.

4. The New Web Site dialog box appears.
Fig 11.

In the Installed Templates section on the left you can choose a programming language which you will use for your site. We have chosen c#. In the list of templates in the middle, click ASP.NET Empty WebSite. Enter the website name by which you want it should be stored in the web location. We have given the name to the website is “HelloWorld1” And then Click OK.

5. Visual Studio creates a new website for you that includes a number of files and folders.
Fig 12.

This new website does not have a web form.To include the web form follow the further steps.

6. Click on Website Tab, Choose Add New Item then a Add new Item Dialog box will appear click the page which you want to include, here we have chosen web form and given the name “helloworld1.aspx” and click Add Button.
Fig 13.

7. Open the file “HelloWorld1.aspx” and write a simple code of HelloWorld between the “div” and “/div” Tags.
Fig 14.

8. Press Ctrl+F5 to run the page in your default web browser.

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