Different Data Source Controls

Different Data Source Controls In ASP.NET has seven built-in Data Source control, each used for a specific type of Data Access.
SqlData Source: – It provides access to any data source that has an ADO.NET Data provider available, by default, the control has access to the ODBC, OLE DB, SQL Server, Oracle, and SQL Server Compact providers.

LinqDataSource: – It provides access to different types of LinqToSql objects using LINQ queries.

ObjectDataSource: – It provides specialized data access to business objects or other classes that return data.

XmlDataSource: – It provides specialized data access to XML documents, either physically on disk or in memory.

SiteMapDataSource: – It provides specialized access to sitemap data for a website that is stored by the sitemap provider.

AccessDataSource: – It provides specialized access to Access databases.

EntityDataSource: – It provides specialized access to Entity Framework Models.
All the Data source controls are derived from either the DataSourceControl class or the HierarchicalDataSourceControl class, both of which are derived from Control and implemented the IDataSourceand IListSource interfaces.

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