Copying a Website

Visual Studio includes a quick and easy way to transfer web application files without using a separate program or leaving the design environment.

First, you need to Open your web Project and select website–>then select the copy website from the menu.

This opens a new Visual Studio Dialog box that will be familiar to those who have used an HTML design program like Dreamweaver or Expression Web.

This window includes two file lists:

On the left side are the files in the current project which is in your local hard drive.
On the right side are the files on the target location that is on the remote web server.

When a user first opens this window, they are not able to see anything on the right side because the target has not been specified yet.

You need to click the connect button at the top of the window to supply this information.

Using this Window a user can specify one of the following types of location:

File System: This is the easiest way to specify the type of location as you simply needs to browse through a tree of drivers and directories or through the shares provided by other computers on the network. It allows you to create a copy of the site on the local file system of your development machine or a networked machine. This option is useful if you want to move the files manually to your production server.

Local IIS: This allows you to browse the virtual directories made available on the local computer through IIS.

FTP Site: In this, you will need to enter all the connection information, including the FTP site, port, Directory and a user name and Password before you can connect. It allows you to send the files that make up your web application directly to a remote server using FTP.

Remote Web Server: This will allow you to access a website at a specified URL using HTTP. To do this, the web server must have the FrontPage Extensions installed. When you connect, you will be prompted for a user name and password.

Once you choose the appropriate destination, click Open then visual studio will attempt to connect to the remote site and will retrieve a list of its files.

The Copy Web Site feature is particularly useful for updating a web server. That is why Visual Studio compares the file list on the local and remote websites, and it flags files that exist in one location only (with the status New) or those that are newer versions (with the status changed).you can then select the files you want to transfer and click one of the arrow button to transfer them from one location to the other.

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