Deploying a simple site

To deploy a site a user needs to follow certain steps:

1. Create a Virtual directory on the web server.
2. Copy the entire site to the virtual directory.

How to transfer these files depends on the Internet hosting service you are using. Usually, you need to use an FTP program to upload the files to a designated area. However, if both your computer and the web server are on the same internal network, you might just use Windows Explorer or the command prompt to copy files.

If you are using a commercial web host, the virtual directory will already be created for you, and you will simply need to transfer the files.

Before you transfer your application files, you should make sure debug mode is not allowed in the deployed versions. To do so, find the debug attributes in the compilation tag, if it is present, and set it to false.

<compilation debug=”false” targetFramework=”4.5”>
<! – – other settings omitted. – ->

When debugging is allowed, the compiled ASP.NET web page code will be larger and execute more slowly. So you should use debugging only while testing your web application.

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