Other Configuration Steps

The simple model of deployment so far a user has seen is often called Zero-Touch Deployment as a user does not need to manually configure web server resources. Some of the applications are more difficult to set up on a web server. There are some common factors that will in required in additional configuration steps:

Databases: if your web Application uses a database, then you will need to create the database on the web server. You can do this by generating a SQL Script that will automatically create the database and load it with data.

Windows Account Permission: Usually, a web server will run web page code under a restricted account. This account might not be allowed to perform the tasks you rely on, such as writing to files or the Windows event log or connecting to a database. In this case, an administrator needs to specifically grant the permissions you need to the account that runs the ASP.NET engine for your website.

IIS Security Settings: If a website uses SSL encryption or Windows Authentication then the virtual directory settings will need to be tweaked. This also requires the help of an administrator.

To solve this problem it is good to work with an experienced Windows Administrator.

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