Different Style Sheets

Different Style Sheets There are three different ways to present the style sheet

1. External style sheets: are a collection of CSS styles stored outside of the web pages using the .css extension. Visual Studio makes adding external style sheet files to your application by simply including a style sheet file template in the Add New dialog box.
Fig 5.

Steps to include a style sheet in your web page

Right-clicking on your project, select Add tab then clicks Add New Item and choose the style sheet template.


Select the Website Tab, Click on Add New Item and choose Style Sheet template from the Add New Item Dialog Box.

2.  Internal Style Sheets are collections of CSS styles that are stored internally in a single web page. The styles are located inside of the HTML <style> tag, which is generally located in the section of the web page.

3.  Inline Styles are CSS styles that are applied directly to an individual HTML element using the elements style attribute.


<DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Inline CSS ></title>
    <div style =”font-family: Arial;”CSITQuestion></div>

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