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Introduction and Overview of Validation and User Controls

Introduction and Overview of Validation and User Controls  Validation Server Controls are a series of control that allow to work with the information that Users input into the form elements of the applications you create. These controls work to make sure the validity of the data being placed in the form.

When you develop a website, your main focus is on the information-gathering and validation aspects. When you collect data with your application, then it is important that data should be valid.

Validation is a set of rules that you apply to the data you collect.

The data you collect for validation comes from the Web Forms you provide in your applications. Web Forms are made up of different types of HTML elements that are constructed using raw HTML form elements, ASP.NET HTML server controls, or ASP.NET Web Form server controls. In the end, your forms are made up of many different types of HTML elements, such as textboxes, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists, and more.In which you can apply different types of validation rules to the different elements.You can also apply more than a single validation rule to an HTML form element to increases the strictness of the validation applied to the data.

The Validation Control allows you to verify the user input without writing any code.

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