Panel Server Control

The Panel Server Control contains a set of controls which you can use to manipulate in your ASP.NET pages. It is basically a container for other controls, which allow you to take a group of server controls along with other elements and turn them into a single unit.

The advantages of using the Panel Control are:

1. It helps to contain a set of other elements which you can manipulate as a single unit using one attribute set in the Panel control itself.
2. It also has the Capability to scroll with scrollbars that appear automatically depending on the amount of information that Panel Control can even specify how the scrollbars should appear.

Example of using scrollbars, look at about the Ebiz information and place that text within the Panel control, as shown in the code. By assigning values to the Height and Width attributes of the Panel server control and using the ScrollBars attribute (set to Auto), you can display the information it contains within the defined area using scrollbars.

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