Wizard Control

The Wizard server control contain a sequence of steps that is displayed to the end user. Web pages are all about either displaying or gathering information and, in many cases, you do not want to display all the information at once.

Wizard control is used to manage the step-by-step process that includes logic on the steps taken.

The Wizard control can be just an element with any number of <asp:WizardStep> elements.

Here we creates a Wizard control that works through three steps. The three steps are defined with the control. Each step contains simply text in this, although you can put in anything you want, such as other web server controls. The order in which the WizardSteps are defined is based completely on the order in which they appear within the element.

The &asp:Wizard> element contains a couple of important attributes. The first is DisplaySideBar. In this example, it is set to True by default — meaning that a side navigation system in the displayed control enables the end user to quickly navigate to other steps in the process. The ActiveStepIndex attribute of the Wizard control defines the first wizard step. In this case, it is the first step — 0.

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