Site Maps

Site Maps

If your website has a large number of pages, then you need navigation system so that users can move from one page to the another easily. So, you can use the ASP.NET toolkit of controls to implement almost any navigation system.ASP.NET has a set of navigation features that you can use on your website.

ASP.NET is flexible, configurable and pluggable. It consists of three components:
A way to define the navigation structure of your website. This part is the XML sitemap, which is by default stored in a file.

A convenient way to read the information in the sitemap file and convert it to an object model. The SiteMapDataSource control and the XmlSiteMapProvider perform this part.

A way to use the sitemap information to display the user’s current position and give the user the ability to easily move from one place to another. This part takes place through the navigation controls you bind to the SiteMapDataSource, which can include Lists, Menus, and Trees.
To create a SiteMap File for your Application, add a SiteMap File to your Application.
Follow certain steps:

1. Click on Website Tab.
2. Select the Add New Item Option, Add New Item Window will Open.
3. Select the SiteMap File from the Templates and Click Add Button.