Understanding Security

Understanding Security Every page that you create with ASP.NET is not meant to be open and accessible to everyone on the internet.But, sometimes you want to create pages of an application this accessible to a limited group of persons so for that you need security measures. Security measures help you to protect the data behind your application and the application themselves from illegal use.

Security is a very essential at every step of the application creation process so that no one can take over or gain access to its reasources.whether it involves working with basic server controls or accessing databases.

ASP.NET provides an extensive Security Model that makes easy to protect your Web Application. This Security Model is powerful and very Flexible, it can appear confusing because of the many different layers that it includes.

An important aspect of security is how you handle the authentication and authorization for accessing resources in your application. There are two ways to authenticate users – first in using Form Authentication (which is ideal for a public website that uses a custom database) and then in using Window Authentication (which is ideal for an Intranet Application on a Company network).

The First Step in securing your Application is deciding where you want security and what it should protect. For Example, you may need to block access on order to protect private information or maybe you do not need any sort of security at all, but you want an optional login feature to provide personalization for frequent users.

The Security should not be complex, but it must be wide-ranging and multilayered.

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