6 injured in Oakland school shooting

Six people were injured in a shooting in East Oakland near a cluster of schools on Wednesday, police said.  

Three patients are in critical condition at Highland Hospital with unspecified injuries, a hospital spokesperson said.

Oakland police said they were investigating a shooting around 1:45 p.m. on the 8200 block of Fontaine Street.

A father told KTVU that he was speaking to his 13-year-old daughter on the phone when he heard gunshots in the background. She was huddling under a desk when she called her dad. 

“I didn’t have too much information but I just rushed over,” said the father. “I was about to rush the police. I was first in line, and they wouldn’t let me through I asked them ‘what if it was your daughter?’”

SkyFox flew overhead, showing students and staff leaving the buildings on campus. 

Several schools have facilities on this block. They are Rudsdale Continuation and Newsomcer high schools as well as BayTech Charter School and the headquarters of Sojourner Truth Independent Study. It’s unclear how many of the schools are involved. The area is near the I-580 freeway.

The Oakland Unified School District has only said “there was an incident today at the King Estate campus” but did not elaborate on what happened.

“Please understand this is still an active situation, and ​information is still forthcoming,” OUSD said.

Parents looking to pick up their children should head to Mountain Boulevard and Fontaine Street, police said. 

Several parents were seen hugging their children and feeling relieved at the scene. 

Councilman Loren Taylor arrived on scene, decrying gun violence in his city. 

In August, a 12-year-old shot a 13-year-old classmate at Madison Park Academy in Oakland. Parents criticized the Oakland Unified School District for not quickly notifying them about the shooting.  

Parents are relieved to reunite with their children after an Oakland school shooting. Sept. 28, 2022

Students leave school on Fontaine Street after an Oakland school shooting. Sept. 28, 2022

Students exit on Keller Avenue and Mountain Boulevard following a school shooting in Oakland. Sept. 28, 2022 

Oakland City Councilman Loren Taylor rushes to Oakland school shooting scene on Fontaine Street. Sept. 28, 2022

Parents and students congregate outside church where they are reuniting after Oakland school shooting. Sept. 28, 2022 

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