Best Milan Fashion Week 2022 Styles, Runway Looks

Image for article titled Milan Fashion Week 2022: Paris Hilton, Upcycled Pool Floats, and 68 Sets of Twins

Photo: Getty Images

It’s officially fall 2022, but on the runways in Milan, it’s already Spring 2023! The third fashion week of the “Big 4″ is well underway and, while no less outrageous or over-the-top than other fashion weeks, Milan always put the “high” in high fashion. As in, these collections could not be any higher above your budget.

But if New York Fashion Week is all, “omg we’re NYC,” and London Fashion Week is all, “we’re quirky rebels,” then Milan Fashion Week said, “What if we sent 68 sets of twins down the runway?” Which is what Gucci did. Which is wild. (We would have been more impressed with triplets.)

This year, Milan Fashion Week also said: “color, more color, brighter color, seriously more fucking color,” “What if goth was neon?,” “Stop wasting inflatable animals,” “DENIM!!!!!!<3333333,” and “libera il capezzolo!” Personally, I’m really looking forward to celebrating almost all these trends come spring, especially the latter. Except definitely, definitely not the denim. Scroll on, but scroll with caution, to see what I mean.

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