Cooler Master Launches Insane, Dual Pump, Quad Chambered, Sci-Fi Looking AIO At Computex 2019

There are great designs and then there are insane designs. Cooler Master’s new MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO is an absolute stunner and will probably be the coolest AIO around this year. Looking something like a dual lensed Glados more than anything else, and a cool whirlpool effect running in the transparent chambers, we can already tell that this is going to one of the most popular AIOs on the market for 2019.

Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid Dual Pump, Quad Chamber, Sci-Fi AIO Looks Incredible And Increases Flow Rate

AIO coolers dissipate heat from the CPU by essentially transferring the thermals to the coolant and then getting it the heck out of there. The concept behind this design is that two pumps should be able to increase not only the flow rate but the pressure as well, both things which will help in heat transportation to the radiator to be dumped. We have seen exorbitant designs which have 360mm radiators, but in most of those setups, the bottleneck isnt the radiator at all – its the pump and the chamber.

As far as looks go, this is an absolute winner. I would not mind having one in my case and the whirlpoool effect (that is the actual coolant by the way) is mesmerizing. For people who are thinking of running large multi core setups, this could turn out to be one of the best innovations so far. In fact, I will be very surprised if other companies dont bring out their own dual pump designs by next Computex.

Right now we have no information on pricing but it is expected to launch soon and considering this is cooler master we are talking about, should be priced with the consumer in mind. I for one will be very interested to test one out myself and see just how much of a difference double the number of pumps make. Cooler master also launched a new lineup of AIOs including a single pump variant as well as a rather cool looking reservoir that has a literal vortex inside.


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