Doja Cat Trolls Paris Fashion Week

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Doja Cat doesn’t dress for women, she doesn’t dress for men. Lately she’s been dressing for teh lulz. The rapper made headlines when she bejeweled herself for the Schiaparelli show at Paris Fashion Week. Many were gagged, but some so-called fans had notes. Specifically, they wished Doja had saved some crystal glue for lashes. Well why didn’t you Say So? “If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you’ll get,” she wrote on her IG stories. “See you at Viktor and Rolf.” Lo and behold, Doja Cat showed up to Viktor and Rolf with eyebrows, a mustache, and a soul patch made from lashes. The internet has been deeply intrigued by what Doja Cat has been putting out for Paris Fashion Week. Of her red crystal look, one TikToker said “You are looking and fashion primarily for the female gaze, or for the gaze of ‘fashion for fashion’s sake,’” and called it the “next step in self-expression.” If the next step in self-expression is fake mustaches, we’re on board.

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