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Intel Alder Lake-S 8+8 Core & Alder Lake-P 6+8 Core 10nm Desktop & Mobile CPU Dies Visualized

With Rocket Lake officially launched, all eyes are now set on Intel’s next-generation Alder Lake CPU platform which will be coming to both desktop and mobile segments. We already have a handful of information regarding the next-gen CPUs from both official and unofficial sources & using this info, Twitter user InstLatX64 has produced mockups (block diagrams) of the Alder Lake-S & Alder Lake-P CPU dies.

Intel 10nm Alder Lake CPU Dies Visualized In Mockup Block Diagrams, Alder Lake-S 8+8 & Alder Lake-P 8+6 SKUs

The block diagrams produced include the Alder Lake-S & Alder Lake-P parts. The Alder Lake-S CPUs will target the desktop platform while Alder Lake-P will target the mobile platform. Intel’s top Alder Lake CPU SKU will feature an 8+8 die configuration which will feature 8 Golden Cove cores with 16 threads and 8 Gracemont cores with 8 threads. The SKU will hence feature a total of 16 cores & 24 threads.

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Following are some of the updates you should expect from Intel’s 2021 architecture lineup:

Intel Golden Cove (Core) Architecture:

  • Improve Single-Threaded Performance (IPC)
  • Improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) Performance
  • Improve Network/5G Performance
  • Enhanced Security Features

Intel Gracemont (Atom) Architecture:

  • Improve Single-Threaded Performance (IPC)
  • Improve Frequency (Clock Speeds)
  • Improve Vector Performance

Looking at the Alder Lake-S CPU 8+8 CPU SKU, it looks like the 8 Golden Cove cores will feature a 32 KB (L1I) and 48 KB (L1D) cache (per core). Each CPU core will also feature 1280 KB of L2 cache for a total of 10 MB L2 cache while the L3 cache will be 3072 KB per core or 24 MB in total.

Intel Alder Lake-S 8+8 (16 Core / 24 Thread) CPU Block Diagram Mockup By InstLatX64

Moving over to the Gracemont cores, we are looking at each core with its 64 KB (L1I) & 32 KB (L1D) cache. Intel will be splitting the L2 and L3 caches between two slices comprising of 4 Gracemont cores each. It will feature 2048 KB L2 cache or 4 MB L2 in total and 3072 KB L3 cache or 6 MB in total. This will give the top SKU a total of 30 MB L3 cache and 14 MB L2 cache. Following is the exact breakdown of the cache subsystem of Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs:

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Golden Cove Cores:

  • 32 KB (L1I) Per Core
  • 48 KB (L1D) Per Core
  • 1280 KB (L2) Per Core
  • 3072 KB (L3) Per Core

Gracemont Cores:

  • 64 KB (L1I) Per Core
  • 32 KB (L1D) Per Core
  • 2048 KB (L2) x 4 Cores
  • 3072 KB (L3) x 4 Cores

Intel Alder Lake 12th Gen big.SMALL CPU Configs:

CPU Big Cores ‘Cove’ Architecture Small Cores ‘Atom’ Architecture GPU Tier
8+8+1 8 8 GT1
8+6+1 8 6 GT1
8+4+1 8 4 GT1
8+2+1 8 2 GT1
8+0+1 8 0 GT1
6+8+2 6 8 GT2
6+8+1 6 8 GT1
6+6+2 6 6 GT2
6+6+1 6 6 GT1
6+4+2 6 4 GT2
6+4+1 6 4 GT1
6+2+1 6 2 GT1
6+0+1 6 0 GT1
4+8+2 4 8 GT2
4+0+1 4 0 GT1
2+8+2.5 2 8 GT2.5
2+8+2 2 8 GT2
2+4+2 2 4 GT2
2+0+2 2 0 GT2
2+0+1 2 0 GT1
1+4+1.5 1 4 GT1.5
1+4+1 1 4 GT1

Intel Alder Lake-P Series SKUs

The Intel Alder Lake P series features the U15, U28, and H45. The U15, U28, and H45 have power ratings of 15W (12/20W), 28W (20W), and 45W (35W) respectively. The U15 series will come with up to 2 big cores and up to 8 small cores. The U28 series will come with up to 6 big cores and up to 8 small cores.

Intel Alder Lake-P 6+8 (14 Core / 20 Thread) CPU Block Diagram Mockup By InstLatX64

The H45 series will come with up to 6 big cores and up to 8 small cores. All three feature 96 Graphics Execution Units. The U series looks to be put in mainstream and performance laptops featuring Tiger Lake processors. The H series looks to be a direct replacement for Tiger Lake-H35 which is in portable gaming laptops. An unnamed Alder Lake P series processor has been spotted on Geekbench as well.

Intel Alder Lake-M Series SKUs

intel Alder Lake M series features the M5 and U9 series with a power rating of 5W (Up To 7W) and 9W (Up To 15W) respectively. The M5 series will offer 1 big core and up to 4 small cores and up to 64 Graphics Execution Units. The U9 series will offer up to 2 big cores and 8 small cores and up to 96 Graphics Execution Units. The slide indicates that these will be used in tablets and ultra-thin laptops.

Intel Alder Lake-M 1+4 (5 Core / 6 Thread) CPU Block Diagram Mockup By InstLatX64

The Intel Alder Lake CPU lineup is expected to debut later this year and will be featuring a 20% IPC improvement over Rocket Lake which should put it in a competitive position over AMD’s Zen 4 CPU architecture. You can learn more about the architectural, IO, and platform enhancements coming to both the 12th Gen desktop and mobile platforms over here.

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