PNY Launches XLR8 Gaming & Performance DDR5 Desktop Memory, Up To 32 GB Capacities & 5600 Speeds

PNY Technologies announces their next-gen DDR5 desktop memory for their Performance and XLR8 Gaming series. Launching is the XLR8 Gaming MAKO and MAKO RGB models, as well as the PNY Performance model. The XLR8 Gaming MAKO lines push power levels to 5600MHz with a 36 CAS latency. The PNY Performance DDR5 memory follows standard JEDEC guidelines.

PNY’s new XLR8 Gaming MAKO/MAKO RGB DDR5 memory series is focused on the gamer and overclocking enthusiast markets, featuring “aluminum heat spreaders with elements inspired by the powerful, fast and aggressive Mako shark.” The memory modules are labeled with both the XLR8 logo and the large GAMING text and offer “silver angled relief lines” that are designed into the heat spreader, reflecting not only the lighting off of other surrounding components but also offering a level of style to the powerful DDR5 modules.

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The RGB variant of the MAKO DDR5 memory line is “equipped with super bright RGB LEDs which are diffused with a geometric polymer light pipe.” Consumers of the MAKO RGB series have the ability to control the lighting with standard motherboard RGB controls through corresponding software, immersing the viewer into the view of the LEDs.

PNY is continually developing solutions for all PC users to improve their computing experience and their latest DDR5 models bring that to another level. PC users looking to upgrade to DDR5, but don’t require the additional flair or out-of-the-box overclocking, aluminum heat spreader or RGB illumination of the Mako line, the PNY Performance DDR5 is a great upgrade that takes advantage of the latest in DRAM technology.

PNY Technologies has gone to great lengths to test the modules with motherboard partners, such as ASUS, ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte, to make sure that their product will be compatible with their partners, especially for their overclocking enthusiasts. In fact, during testing of the XLR8 Gaming MAKO series, they were able to successfully reach as high as DDR5 6400MHz memory speeds.

PNY’s Performance DDR5 4800MHz memory modules that feature “out of the box” overclocked performance are planned to be available in mid-November on sites such as Amazon, Best, and

The PNY XLR8 MAKO and MAKO RGB  DDR5 memory models will be available at most major retailers in the late part of this last quarter of 2021. All backed by PNY’s “Limited Lifetime & 24/7 U.S. Based Technical Support”.

All models are set to be compatible with Intel XMP 3.0, and the “XLR8 Gaming MAKO is able to deliver extreme overclocking and allows users to easily get the most out of their MAKO DDR5 modules.”

Top-tier components and select ICs combine to deliver aggressive speed, low latency and the bullet-proof reliability gamers and enthusiasts rely on PNY for. With the recent announcement of Intel Alder Lake CPUs, DDR5 will soon become the standard for gamers, enthusiasts and modders for creating the best computing experience. Additional CPU manufacturers are expected to release processors with DDR5 support in 2022.

PNY’s Product Specifications for the XLR8 Gaming MAKO/MAKO RGB and Performance DDR5 modules:

  •  XLR8 Gaming MAKO RGB DDR5 Memory
    • Frequency: 5600MHz (PC5-44800)
    • Voltage: 1.25V
    • CAS Latency: 36
    • Integrated aluminum heat spreader
    • Integrated RGB illumination
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime & 24/7 U.S. Based Technical Support
  • XLR8 Gaming MAKO DDR5 Memory
    • Frequency: 5600MHz (PC5-44800)
    • Voltage: 1.25V
    • CAS Latency: 36
    • integrated aluminum heat spreader
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime & 24/7 U.S. Based Technical Support
    • PNY Performance DDR5
    • Frequency: 4800MHz (PC5-38400)
    • Voltage: 1.1V
    • CAS Latency: 40

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