Tencent Cloud Launches Xinghai Wisdom Wood Series GA01 (AMD PRO V620) GPU

Three days ago at the Tencent Digital Ecology Conference, company Tencent Cloud launched their newest GPU card that is developed as “the first developed enterprise-level” card of it’s kind, according to a leak by HXL of Twitter (@9550pro) Tencent is calling this card the Xinghai Wisdom Wood Series GA01. With it’s origins in deep customization, high ability of adaption, and extremely flexible, Tencent Cloud has always played games for main company Tencent. There have also been live broadcasts and additional services provided by Tencent.

The Tencent GA01 GPU is actually the AMD Radeon PRO V620

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While the company is calling the GPU the GA01, our friends in the twitterverse have confirmed that what we are actually looking at is the AMD PRO V620 GPU. The AMD Radeon PRO V620 GPU will offer 4608 stream processors, 72 CUs, GDDR6 EC processing memory at 32GBs at 16Gbps, bandwidth speeds of 512 GB/s, and 256-bit memory interfacing.

Key features of Radeon PRO V620 include:

  • Powerful Data Center GPU Solution – All new RDNA 2 architecture, with 32GB GDDR6 memory and Infinity Cache, as well as dedicated hardware ray tracing deliver remarkable performance for graphics-intensive workloads and games.
  • Advanced Hardware-Based Security Features – SR-IOV-based GPU virtualization scales to multiple professional graphics users as well as advanced security capabilities, helping protect valuable user data from another user.
  • Multi-Purpose Flexibility – Designed to support the latest drivers and ROCm software to facilitate a range of workloads: cloud gaming, DaaS, WaaS, and ML.
  • Supported Modern Applications – Full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectX, OpenGL, WebGL and OpenCL to accelerate cinematic games and feature-rich applications and websites.

Xingxinghai Sea was launched in September 2021 “to better provide comprehensive services for many businesses and customers.” Xinghai Sea is split into five major series based off of different elements—”gold, wood, water, fire, and soil—to show that Xinghai and their “ecological partners” work in conjunction to be successful. The change of the name allows more management in science along with the naming structure of Xingxing seafood products, allowing users to understand the function of the “positioning of Xingxing seafood products.”

Since the debut of the first self-developed server in 2019, Xingxinghai’s self-developed server has been rapidly promoted in Tencent’s self-developed business by virtue of its unique advantages in adapting cloud business scenarios brought by cutting-edge innovative design. Within 2 years, Xingxing Sea server has covered computing, storage, heterogeneous computing, components and other fields, and combined with the needs of millions of customers on the cloud, it has worked closely with ecological partners to provide unlimited computing power for cloud services. At present, Xingxinghai has served hundreds of millions of users every day and is the fastest growing server product in the industry.

Tencent Cloud will continue to improve the self-developed technology system from the bottom to the application layer in the future, explore more cost-effective server solutions, and provide for all walks of life Better cloud computing services promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole society.

Source: HXL on Twitter (@9550pro), CSDN

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