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C Tutorial

Basics Of C Language

Introduction of C Programming Language

Features of C language

First C language Program

C Input output function

C Language Syntax RulesC Language Syntax Rules

Keywords In C Programming Language

Operators in C Language

Variables in C Language

Decision making in C

Switch statement

How to use Loops in C Lanugage


string and Character array

Storage classes

Advance Topics

Functions in c

Types of Function calls in C

Passing Array to Function

What is Structure In C Programming Language

typedef In C Programming Language

Unions in C Programming Language

What Is Pointer In C Programming Language

Declaring a pointer variable

Pointer With Arrays

Pointer to Structure

Pointer Arithmetic

Pointer as Function parameter

File Handling in C Programming Language

Error Handling

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Command Line Argument

C programs

Program to find Factorial of a Number

Program to Reverse a String

Program to find sum of digits of a Number

Program to Sort an Array element

Program to Swap Variable’s Numeric Values

Program to Find the Largest Element of an Array using Recursion

Program to Remove duplicate Element in an Array

Program to Check whether a Number is Pallindrome

Program to Remove duplicate Element in an Array