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What is Character constants In C Programming Language?

A character constant consists of a single digit or a single special symbol enclosed within a pair of single inverted commas. The maximum length of a character constant can be 1 character.

e.g. –> ‘a’, ‘i’ , ‘5’, ‘=’.

There are some character sequence constants which are used in C to represented special action, these are called C Escape Sequence.

List of these escape sequence and its tasks are given below:

\a : audible bell

\f : form feed

\r : carriage return

\v : vertical tab

\’ : single quote

\? : question mark

\HHH: 1 to 3 digit hex value.

\b : backspace

\n : newline

\t : horizontal tab

\\ : backslash

\” : double quote.

\000 : 1 to 3 digit octal value


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