Deployment ASP.NET Application


Different Types of Errors

Different Types of Errors You can broadly categorize errors into the following groups: Syntax errors: These Errors are caused by misspelling words, missing keywords, or otherwise incorrect code. Logic errors: These Errors in applications run fine but it produce unexpected or unwanted results. Runtime errors: These Errors cause the application to crash or to behave unexpectedly at run …

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Code Compilation

Code Compilation You will deploy the uncompiled source file whenever you deploy an application created by Visual Studio. When the first time a page is requested, it is compiled dynamically and cached in a temporary directory for reuse. The Advantage of this approach is that it is easy to make changes directly to your files without needing …

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Copying a Website

Visual Studio includes a quick and easy way to transfer web application files without using a separate program or leaving the design environment. First, you need to Open your web Project and select website–>then select the copy website from the menu. This opens a new Visual Studio Dialog box that will be familiar to those who have used an HTML design program …

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