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What is Structure?

The C language allows us to create custom data types. The structure is a custom data type which c combines different data types . The structure is a custom data type which combine different data …

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Structure Initialization

a structure variable can be initialization as any other data type. Main() { static struct { int weight; float height; } } student{560,080,75}; This assign the value 60 to student weight and 180.75 student height. …

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Arrays of structures

The most common use of structures is in arrays of structures. To declare an array of structures, first the structure is defined then an array variable of that structure is declared. E.g.: struct class student …

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Arrays with in structures

Single as multidimensional arrays of type int as float can be defined as structure members. Example: struct marks { int number; float subject[3]; } student [2]; Here the member subject contains three elements, subject[0], subject[1] …

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Structures with in structures

Structures within a structure means nesting of structures. Example: struct salary { char name [20]; char department [10]; int basic-pay; int dearness-allowance; int huse_rent_allowance; int city_allowance; } employee; This structure defines name, department, basic pay …

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