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Why C++?

Why C++? C++ is an advanced, powerful Computer Programming language, yet it is relatively easy to introduce and learn. it is most modern, high-performance computer programs are written using C++. C++ knows about objects and …

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Declaration of Variables In C++

To declare a variable this format is used   Syntax: data type name;   To declare a signed/unsigned variable place these modifiers before the data type. Example:   signed int a;   unsigned short b; …

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Data Types In C++

Data can be of many type e.g. character, integer, real, string etc. Any thing enclosed in single quotes represent character data. Data type are means to identify the type of data and associated operation of …

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Constants In C++

The keyword const can be added to the declaration of an object to make that object a constant rather than variable.   The general form of constant declaration is as follows:   Syntax: const int …

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Precedence of Operators In C++

Writing complex expressions with more than a one operands, we may have a number of misgivings about which operand is evaluated foremost and which afterward.   For example, in this appearance:   i = 4 …

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Expression In C++

An expression is composed of one or more operations. The objects of the operations are referred to as operands. An expression in C++ is any valid combination of operators, constants, and variables.   Type of …

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