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Basics of C#

The Value Type In C#

Creating Fields and Using Initializers The first type of class member we’ll take a look at is the field, also called a data member.Outside any method, A field is just a class-level variable, outside any …

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Operators & Variables In C#

C# has a number of standard operators, taken from C, C++ and Java. Most of these should be quite familiar to programmers; the less common ones are enclosed elsewhere.   Standard operators list are given …

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Type Conversions in c#

Type conversion is a process of converting one type into another. Using C# type conversion techniques, not only you can convert data types, you can convert object types also. The type conversion in C# can …

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Enums In C#

“The great power comes with a great responsibility.”   Enums are basically a set of named constants. They are declared in C# using the keyword enum. Every enum type automatically derives from System.Enum namespace and …

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Type-Safety in C#

At the first, what is type safe code and why is it relevant to secure programming? Type safety is certainly one of the most confusing aspects for somebody learning .Net. When .Net was released, it …

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Control Statement in C#

C# uses two types of control statements: ? Conditional Statements ? Looping   Conditional Statements   In C#, there are two types of conditional statements: ? if statements ? switch statements   if statements   …

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