Namespaces and Base Classes in C#

Introduction of Namespaces and Base Classes in C#

In C#, namespaces are used to logically arrange classes, structs, interfaces, enums and delegates. The namespaces in C# can be nested. That means one namespace can contain other namespaces also.   The .NET framework already contains number of standard namespaces like System, System ,Collections, and System.Drawing etc. In addition to these standard namespaces, the user …

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Namespaces in C#2.0

To address all the issues that arise in the previous version of .Net,, C# 2.0 introduced some new features like:   1. Namespace aliasing 2. global :: operator 3. Extern Aliasing   Namespace Aliasing   With Namespace aliasing parallel namespaces are much more convenient and namespace aliasing also offers greater flexibility.   Let’s look at …

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Arrays in C#

An array is a set of uniform data elements, represented by a single variable name. The individual elements are accessed using the variable name and one or more indexes between square brackets, as given below:   MyArray[4]   In the above line, MyArray is the array name and [4] is the array index. Let’s start …

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