Basic of FORTRAN language

What is Fortran?

Fortran is a high level programming language which means Formula Translation and is widely used for numerical operations. Fortran language is the first high level programming language among all the languages. Persons with little mathematical background can learn this language easily. It is such language which is continuously developed in each decade. History of Fortran The inventor of this high level …

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What are the Usage and Advantage of FORTRAN Programming Language?

Usage of FORTRAN 1. This is widely used at space research centers, DRDO, NASA, ISRO and many of University like Cambridge, Department of Engineering etc. 2. FORTRAN Used commercially for technical and scientific computations. 3. FORTRAN Principal language on the IBM SP Supercomputer and all Cray machines. Advantage of FORTRAN Following are the important advantages of Fortran Language: 1. Fortran is a simple …

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Basics of Fortran

Basics are called the heart of any language. Without basics of any language you cannot imagine about any computer language. Basics of Fortran means how, what, where and which sentence, letters, digits and words can understand the Fortran Compiler. Characters set The Fortran character set consists of twenty-six letters, ten digits and thirteen special characters. …

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Data Types In Fortran

Data Data are constants provided to a program for use in computation or processing or execution. Type Means the information determines the way in which it is represented and the operations which may be performed on it. Declaration of Fortran variables As we know computers have no mind. It is also called servant, means what …

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