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Text and DIVs


Headings There are six level of heading in HTML from <h1> to <h6>. They create a hierarchy of information, and are used to create headings for sections within the document. The <h1> represent the bigger size and<h6> represent the smaller size of text.

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Paragraphs Paragraphs are used to represent a block of text or a single line of text. Each paragraph is displayed on a new line, only a single whitespace is recognized between two words and Multiple white spaces are …

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Breaks Here, you will see different ways to introduce line breaks in between text blocks. Breaks: Element <br> The break element <br> is used to introduce breaks in between text. Subsequent texts appear on a new line. It …

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Extra Elements

Extra Elements HTML5 Editable Text: contenteditable Attribute A new addition to HTML5 is attribute contenteditable, it allows users to edit the text(contents) on the page. To allow this feature set contenteditable=”true”, to disable this feature set contenteditable=”false” and …

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