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PHP 5.6 Tutorial

Introduction to MYSQL

Introduction to MYSQL Database Management System (DBMS) is used to store, retrieve, and modify the data. A good database engine serves as connector between you and your data, organizing and cataloging the data for quick …

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Adding Data to a Table

Adding Data to a Table To insert the data in a Table related to the courses use the SQL INSERT statement. INSERT INTO table VALUES (value1, value2, …); This inserts values into each of the …

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Reading data In MYSQL

Reading data In MYSQL Here , we will study how to read data from the database. To read the data from the database use the SELECT statement. To send SQL statements to the MySQL server, …

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Connecting PHP with MYSQL

Connecting PHP with MYSQL Here, you will learn how PHP Script communicates with MySql. At the time of writing, PHP provides two main ways to connect to MySQL databases: i)mysqli (MySQL improved) — This extension is …

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Updating Records In PHP

As with inserting new records, updating records via the PHP script is simply a case of using PDO::query() .if a user is passing literal values in the UPDATE statement, or PDO::prepare() with placeholders. For example, …

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