Placement Paper

HCL Placement Paper for preparations 2019

Section A  1. Which of the following involves context switch, (a) system call(b) priviliged instruction(c) floating poitnt exception                                                                                          (d) all the above(e) none of the above Ans: (a) 2. In OST, terminal emulation is done in (a) sessions layer(b) application layer(c) presentation layer(d) transport layer Ans: (b) 3. For a  25MHz processor , what is the …

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HCL Whole Testpaper

HCL TECHNOLOGIES PAPER – 29 MAY 2006 – CHENNAI Hi,! Company: HCL Tech., Chennai.Place: Madurai Kamaraj University, MaduraiDate: 29-05-2006type :fresher(campus) The written test was in the morning and to my surprise, it consisted of only two sections Aptitude(35) and Technical(20). The Aptitude part had all  unexpected topics like Data sufficiency, some puzzles, passages and very …

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