Data Types and Modules


Any programming language requires to store values temporarily for different purposes like calculations Adding, multiplying etc.Visual Basic gives the need for variables. You can think of variable, a place in memory of computer for an unknown value. For example when you call someone, then you call him /her by name, like that every variable has name. Variable name is …

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Constants as the name suggests , never change during the execution of program.They remain same throughout the program execution. When the user wants a value that never changes, a constant can be declared and created. The syntax for declaring a constant is: (Public|Private) Const constantname (As type) = expression The const statement can be declared …

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A module is a set of functions and a set of data members.Code in Visual Basic is stored in the form of Modules. Collection of general procedures, variable declarations, and constant definitions used by application is known as module. Mainly Visual Basic supports 3 types of modules: (1) Form module (2) Standard Module (3) Class …

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