Sub Procedures

A Sub procedure is a block of code that is executed in response to an event. By breaking the code in a module into Sub procedures, it becomes much easier to find or modify the code in your application. Syntax: [Private|Public][Static]Sub procedurename (arguments) statements End Sub Each time when procedure is called, the statements between Sub and End Sub are executed. Sub procedures can be placed in …

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Function Procedures

Function Procedures return values. you can use Function statement to write your own Function procedures. Like a Sub procedure, a Function procedure is a separate procedure that can take arguments, perform a series of statements, and change the value of its arguments. Syntax: [Private|Public][Static]Function procedurename (arguments) [As type] statements End Function Note that: 1.You call …

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Property Procedures

Property procedures are the procedures that return values and also assign values to the property of objects. Visual Basic provides three kinds of property procedures, as described in the following table. Procedure Procedure Property Get Returns the value of a property. Property Let ets the value of a property. Property Set Sets the value of an object …

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