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Working with Forms

Form Basics

A form is a window that contains application code and other objects placed on it to create the user interface. Forms may fill the entire screen or have other forms contained with in it. Note that: Visual basic initially includes a default …

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Form Properties

Many properties of a form affect its physical appearance. The Caption property determines the text that is shown in the form’s title bar, the Icon property sets the icon that is displayed when a form is minimized. The MaxButton and MinButton properties determine whether the form can be …

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The Form Methods

Different methods are used in forms. When you put a dot after name of the form then a popup menuis displayed. There are different methods for forms .Some of them are describing here. Show method Show method is used to display the form object. For Example to display …

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Setting Start Up Form

The first form in your application is designated as the startup form. When your application starts running, this form is displayed. User will see Startup form when application starts. If you want a different form to display when your application starts, you must change …

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