<xsl:preserve-space> The xsl:preserve-space element is used to keep white-space only nodes in the output. Note that the default is to leave white-space only nodes. Therefore, it is only necessary to use the xsl:preserve-space element when you use the xsl:strip-space element and wish to insure that certain white-space nodes are not removed. By white-space, we refer to carriage returns, line feeds, spaces …

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<xsl:namespace-alias> <xsl:namespace-alias stylesheet-prefix=”prefix” result-prefix=”prefix” /> The xsl:namespace-alias element is used to replace a namespace (prefix) in a stylesheet with a different namespace (prefix) for use in the output. There must be one xsl:namespace-alias element for each namespace you wish to change. In general, the primary use for this element is to convert non-XSLT elements (literal result elements) into XSLT elements for display …

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