XSL Sorting


Attributes <xsl:attribute name=”qname” namespace=”URI” > </xsl:attribute> The xsl:attribute element allows you to create an attribute node, define a value, and add it to the output. In simple terms, you are creating a custom attribute whose value can be displayed. After a child node has been added to an element, no additional attributes can be added to the parent node. …

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Sorting and Numbering

Sorting and Numbering <xsl:sort case-order=”upper-first” | “lower-first” data-type=”number” “qname” | “text” lang=”language-code” order=”ascending” | ” descending” select=”expression” > </xsl:sort> The xsl:sort element is used to define a sort key. This sort key determines the order in which selected nodes are processed by the xsl:for-each or xsl:apply-templates elements. A sort can be based upon more than …

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