Care of Your Computer

To keep your computer running smoothly and to ensure that it has a long and productive life, follow these tips.
Keep the computer away from heat sources (like radiators and heat registers). Heat is a computer’s enemy.
There is a fan built into the back of the CPU case. Keep this unobstructed and clean. A vacuum cleaner nozzle with a brush attachment is a useful fan cleaning tool.
Don’t spill liquids on any part of the computer. Liquids spilled on the keyboard or mouse might cause all kinds of electrical problems.
Clean the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner nozzle equipped with a brush tool.
Periodically clean the air vents on the side and back of the monitor with the vacuum brush.
Keep the monitor screen clean with a soft cloth. Use no detergents, chemicals or soaps. It works best if you clean the monitor when it is off. Otherwise, static electricity can compete with your cloth for the dust and grime.
Wipe off the keyboard keys with a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or another mild cleanser. Washing your hands before using the keyboard will keep it cleaner. Eating greasy finger foods while using the computer is not recommended.
About once a year, unhook the CPU case, take it outside (on a nice clear warm day), remove the case cover and take a look inside. If it has accumulated a lot of dust, cobwebs, and grit, you might want to invest in a can of compressed air and give it a good blast to clean it. Unless you know what’s what, you shouldn’t probe around with your fingers. Static discharges can zap sensitive electronic components.

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