How to protect your laptop or PC From Virus ?

Virus Protection

TO protect your laptop or PC From Virus

virus may or may not present itself. Viruses attempt to spread before activating whatever malicious activity they may have been programmed to deliver. So, viruses will often try to hide themselves. Sometimes there are symptoms that can be observed by a trained casual observer who knows what to look for (but, don’t count on it).

Virus authors often place a wide variety of indicators into their viruses (e.g., messages, music, graphic displays). These, however, typically only show up when the virus payload activates. With DOS systems, the unaccounted for reduction of the amount of RAM known to be in the computer is an important indicator resident viruses have a hard time getting around. But, under Windows, there is no clear indicator like that. The bottom line is that one must use anti-virus software to detect (and fix) most viruses once they are on your system.
Your main defense is to detect and identify specific virus attacks to your computer. There are three methods in general use. Each has pros and cons and are discussed via these links. Often, a given anti-virus software program will use some combination of the three techniques for maximum possibility of detection.
With dangerous viruses on the network, what can computer users do to protect their systems? Here are just a few hints:
• Be sure to install an anti-virus software program (see the next section) to guard against virus attacks. Also, be sure you turn on the scanning features. It can’t protect you if it’s not enabled.
Practice caution when working with files from unknown or questionable sources.
• Do not open e-mail attachments if you do not recognize the sender (though you may also receive viruses from people you know). Scan the attachments with anti-virus software before opening them.
Download files only from reputable Internet sites, and be wary when exchanging diskettes or other media with friends.
• Scan your hard drive for viruses monthly.
Even with these precautions, new viruses may find ways to enter your computer system.
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