Manipulators In C++

Manipulators are keywords that are used for doing something to change the way the output appears on the screen.
They are only for presentation purpose; just to make your program output look better.
One of the most commonly used manipulators is endl. This is used to end the line and leave the next line blank.
endl is used along with cout. You cannot use endl separately.
The iomanip.h header file is used to include the manipulators
Let’s check out an example program:
Out put of the program
The above program will display the line Hi, this is a test program. After this line there is an endl.
Hence the compiler will end the current line and leave the next line blank. The next cout statement is again endl.
This means another line is left blank. The next statement starts with an endl. Hence a third line is left blank before printing the last sentence on the screen.
Don’t use double quotes on endl.
The above program could be easily written as follows:
cout<< “Hi, this is a test program”<< endl<<endl<<endl<< “You should see three empty lines above this”;
The output will be the same ,but We just wanted to illustrate that ways in which endl could be use.