Writing to a Text File In C++

Reading and Writing to a file is very easy. First we shall take a look at writing:
<< is known as the insertion operator. It is used for output along with the keyword cout (console out). Hence cout<<“Hi”; would actually write the word Hi on your screen (output).
In the above program, instead of writing on the screen, we want to write to a particular file.
Perhaps now you understand why we create an output stream for actually writing to a file. So we create a stream out for output and open the file test.txt.
out<<“First “<<1<<endl;
does the following things: it writes the word First and the number 1 to the stream out. Remember that out has been linked to the file test.txt.
Hence First and 1 are written to the file. Similarly Second and 2 are written on the next line of the file because of the endl keyword. Finally we close the stream.
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