onMouseover Effect

Using onMouseover property, we can define how a link (or image or any other element) should act when the mouse is moved over the element. It is very simple to do this. Just follow the steps and you can do it.
In head portion add style that you want the text to change, as follows:
<title>onMouseover example</title>
/*This is how the text will look before mouse over*/
font-family: san-serif;
color: red;

/*This is how the text will look on mouse over. Note “hover” is the most important change here*/
font-family: san-serif;
color: #456745;
<h2>onMouserover demo</h2>
<a class=”colc” href=”#” onMouseOver=”window.status’Go to http://www.ebizelindia.com'”>Sample link</a>


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