What Is Status and Default Status In DHTML?

As with the DOM, we can read/write various parts of the BOM. The status line at the base of a browser screen can be read or written to using the window.status property. If the status line is left unattended, the defaultStatus property is displayed.


<TITLE>Status Demo</TITLE>


<BODY onload=”defaultStatus=’Welcome to eBiz.com Pvt Ltd’;”>

<P onmouseover=”javascript:window.status=new Date();”>
Move the mouse over here for Date</P>



When the document is first loaded, we change the defaultStatus property to ‘Date appears here’. This is the text that appears in the status line when we are not engaging the status line elsewhere.

When the mouse is over the <P> element, we change the status line to display the current date. The status line is released from the code when the onmouseout event is fired, and this reverts the status line back to the defaultStatus message.

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