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Comparing two diskettes

We use the DISKCOMP command to check that two diskettes are EXACT copies of each other.
They MUST both be of the SAME capacity i.e. 720Kb OR 1.44Mb
It is usually used immediately after using DISKCOPY command to ensure that both copies are the same.DISKCOMP refers to the original diskette as the first diskette and the copy as the second diskette.
If our computer has one diskette drive ( this is still normal!!)
1. Type
2. When this message appears:
Insert FIRST diskette in drive A:
Press any key when ready…
Insert the original diskette in drive A: and then press any key.
3. When this message appears:
Insert SECOND diskette in drive A:
Press any key when ready…
Remove the original diskette from drive A: and insert your copied diskette into drive A: and press any key again.
4. When this message appears:
Compare OK
Compare more diskettes (Y/N) ?
Type Y (for yes) to compare another diskette, N (for no) to exit from the DISKCOMP command.
If the diskettes are NOT identical run the DISKCOPY and DISKCOMP commands again.

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