Diskcopy Command

Sometimes there is a need to copy all the files on one floppy diskette to another floppy. First we will need a blank formatted disk.
1. Type: diskcopy a: a: and press return.
2. When asked to put in the source disk, put in the diskette that has the information we want to copy into drive A and press return.
3. Wait a few seconds. When asked to insert a target disk, take out the diskette from drive A and insert the blank floppy disk and press return.
4. Once this process is complete, we will be prompted to write to another duplicate diskette (Y/N). Press N.
5. Then we will be prompted to copy another disk (Y/N)? Press N.
If our machine has two floppy disk drives, insert the original (source) disk into drive A and the blank(target) disk into drive B. Then type: DISKCOPY A: B:
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