Introduction to DOS

Starting MS-DOS…
An example of MS-DOS’s command-line interface, this one showing that the current directory is the root of drive C.  
OS family: DOS
Source model: Closed source
Latest stable release: 8.0 / September 14, 2000
Kernel type: Monolithic kernel
Default user interface: DOS CLI
License: Proprietary
Working state:  
MS-DOS (for Microsoft Disk Operating System) is an operating system commercialized by Microsoft.
It was the most widely used member of the DOS family of operating systems and was the dominant operating system for the PC compatible platform during the 1980s.
It has gradually been replaced on consumer desktop computers with various generations of the Windows operating system.
MS-DOS was originally released in 1981 and had eight major versions released before Microsoft stopped development in 2000.
It was the key product in Microsoft’s growth from a programming languages company to a diverse software development firm, providing the company with essential revenue and marketing resources.;