Starting from version 6, MS-DOS included the external program MemMaker which was used to free system memory (especially Conventional memory) by automatically reconfiguring Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files. This was usually done by moving TSR Programs to the Upper memory. The whole process required 3 system restarts. Before the first restart the user was asked whether he wanted to enable EMS Memory or not. The use of MemMaker was popular among gamers who wanted to enable or disable Expanded memory in order to run a game which required EMS or not. The result would however not be as good as someone chaning the settings themself.
Options :
• /BATCH Runs MemMaker in batch (unattended) mode. In batch mode, MemMaker takes the default action at all prompts.
• /UNDO Instructs MemMaker to undo its most recent changes.
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