Typing A Command in DOS

Typing a Command
Here we explains how to type a command at the command prompt and demonstrates the “Bad command or file name” message.
• To type a command at the command prompt
1. Type the following at the command prompt (we can type the command in either uppercase or lowercase letters):
If we make a typing mistake, press the BACKSPACE key to erase the mistake, and then try again.
2. Press ENTER
We must press ENTER after every command you type.
The following message appears:
Bad command or file name
The “Bad command or file name” message appears when you type something that MS-DOS does not recognize. Because nul is not a valid MS-DOS command, MS-DOS displays the “Bad command or file name” message.
3. Now, type the following command at the command prompt:
The following message appears on our screen:
MS-DOS version 6.22
The ver command displays the version number of MS-DOS.
Continue to the next section, where we will use the other command to view or manipulate the things.
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